Oasis is the Software Solution division of VCG specialising in bespoke software development and enterprise applications for the graphics arena. The team at Oasis has developed a number of successful projects directly for our clients in areas such as Digital Asset Management, On-Line Approval, NPD Management, Pack Copy Management and Automated Artwork.

What makes Oasis different is that it develops solutions for our clients on a 'relationship enhancement' basis.
We are not a reseller; we simply provide tailored technology for our clients at very competitive rates.

The VCG group of companies have been at the forefront of technological application for years and have always worked closely with our clients to provide the best in available solutions in the market. However, as the needs of our business and our clients developed, we often found these 'off the shelf' options only satisfied part of the business requirement and always represented a compromise in some areas.
We therefore established our own team of developers who, whilst employing available technology where appropriate, were also able to develop unique and specific solutions to help improve our offering and provide greater control and transparency for our clients.

Following the deployment of a number of successful solutions, Oasis was formed to service direct requests from clients to develop more specific applications for their exclusive use.